Video KYC-Officer Job in HDFC Bank

Job Description
Video Customer Identification Carry out Customer identification process through Video calls Performing due diligence checks & reviewing KYC documentation through Video calls Need to be consistent, thorough, accurate and credible while performing duties Need to be time bound & ensure the requests are closed with in stipulated timelines B.
Interaction Quality Complete and accurate capture of call interactions Need to ensure defect rates are kept under acceptable levels C.
Customer Service Must exhibit highest standards of customer service To ensure customers are comfortable through our the verification process Abide by Banks grooming standards D.
Business Value additions Promoting Digital Banking services & relevant cross sell of products for a superior customer service experience through meaningful conversations Profiling of customers in order to aid right cross-servicing of Bank products E.
Audit and Service Quality Ensure all laid down system and process are followed as stipulated by Audit and Senior Management Ensure accurate and timely processing & submission of KYC requests Adherence to set processes of updating customer interactions.
Awareness of Banking regulatory guidelines, especially Anti Money Laundering
Planning and Organizing Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Strong verbal & Written Communication skills Ability to draft summary
Face to face customer handling skills
Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite

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