REMOTE Automation Tester (QA) Job in CodeClouds

We’re hiring! We need an Automation Tester from Lucknow to join us! The perfect candidate would have experience with websites and web application testing, automation testing, scripting, and a relevant degree.
Job Category
Software Development
Main Location
Kolkata, India
Employment Type
₹3,60,000 – ₹8,40,000 INR
Hybrid-Remote Working Available From
Lucknow, India
2 Years Minimum
2 or more years of relevant experience.
Experience in working/testing with eCommerce platforms is preferred.
A Bachelor’s in Computer Science/Information Technology, or related field.
Experience with testing software like Selenium and Qmetry.
Experience with JIRA.
Manual testing experience.
Ability to write scripts to automate testing and quality assurance routines.
Python experience is an added bonus.
Skills & Abilities
Excellent communication skills in English.
Excellent troubleshooter and problem solver.
A self motivated team player who brings a lot of energy and a good work ethic to the table.
Be able to participate in international projects.
Ability to manage more than one project while meeting deadlines and giving quality results.
Ability to learn new technologies and techniques when needed to meet the project requirements.

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