Best Travel Insurance For Indian Parents Visiting USA

Studying, working, and settling in the United States is a popular choice for high-tech workers worldwide. They were generally adequately cared for by their parents, who ensured that they received an education and met all of their other requirements. They hope that their parents will come to the United States and spend time with them and travel the country with them during their time here.

Travel insurance should be one of your key considerations when going from India to the United States. The United States of America is one of the most popular tourist destinations (USA). The United States of America covers the most significant portion of the North American continent. It has a vast breadth and a range of landscapes, cultures, and experiences that attract travellers worldwide.

The United States of America has various tourist locations, ranging from world-renowned historical sites to prominent global icons. No matter what kind of traveller you are, a trip to the United States may be an exciting experience. In the north, the semi-Arctic terrain of Alaska, or the tranquil beaches of Florida and Hawaii, which are in the south, beckons vacationers of all kinds.

It should be on your bucket list to visit the United States, and you will require travel insurance for the United States to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

There are two primary types of travel insurance available to travellers in the United States:

A fixed-coverage plan provides limited coverage at a low cost. Fixed-coverage plans are generally inexpensive. On the other hand, complete plans are more expensive but provide more comprehensive coverage.

As a result of the exceptionally high medical costs in the United States, these insurance are not advised, and we will not address them further in this article. It is possible to get travel insurance for the United States from both the United States and India; however, it is always preferable to purchase from a business headquartered in the United States.

The following are the most common travel insurance options for parents who are travelling to the United States:

Best Travel Insurance For Indian Parents Visiting USA

#1. Atlas America

New immigrants to the United States, business travellers, students, and visitors on a short visit – whatever your reason for travelling to the United States, Atlas America can accommodate your demands. Every year, disasters and natural calamities such as earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, and other disasters strike central areas in the United States, such as Florida, California, and Texas. As a result, it provides coverage for the majority of natural calamities. This policy includes coverage for emergency medical evacuation, lost luggage, and other expenses.

#2. Safe Travels Cost Saver

This plan is intended for foreign visitors to the United States and U.S. citizens who reside outside of the United States and require coverage for up to 90 days. After the plan’s effective date, the programme provides coverage for new injuries, accidents, and conditions that occur after that date. Pre-existing conditions, preventive check-ups, and maternity care, on the other hand, are typically not covered under this plan.

#3. Safe Travels USA administered

Travellers in the United States who are not residents of the United States can obtain medical coverage for accidents and illnesses through Safe Travels USA, handled by Trawick International. Because it covers the acute onset of pre-existing diseases, it is particularly popular with tourists from the United States, particularly parents in the 70-89 age range. The plan includes a virtual identification card ready to use as soon as you purchase it.

#4. ICICI Lombard

Under this plan, no medical examinations are required for participants up to the age of 85, and cashless hospitalisation is offered worldwide. Although the insurance policy is only valid for 180 days, you have the option to extend it for an additional 180 days. With ICICI Lombard’s travel insurance, you can be protected against losing all of your checked-in baggage, including your handbags.

Why Should Parents Invest in Visitor Insurance?

Visitors insurance is required for parents visiting the United States. There are various reasons why all visitors to the United States, especially senior parents, must have visitors insurance:

You should ensure that your parents receive the finest possible medical care. In the United States, healthcare is prohibitively expensive – a single hospital visit can bankrupt most families when contrasted to the chance of developing a medical ailment. Simultaneously, visitors insurance is quite affordable.

The Coronavirus has infected millions of people worldwide. Ascertain that the medical insurance package you are contemplating has Covid-19 coverage. Simple mishaps will always occur, especially when unfamiliar with the surroundings – and a trip to the emergency room might cost thousands of dollars. The American healthcare system necessitates payment for services, and if you do not have an insurance plan, you will be required to pay for medical treatment out of pocket.

If you require medical evacuation to your home country for treatment, your insurance company will organize and pay for the evacuation. It is not rocket science that your parent could become unwell at any time – the stress of travel, new surroundings, and weather changes, among other factors, can cause your parent’s immune system to deteriorate, resulting in illness. If your parent is hospitalised, the resulting bill could be terrible for your financial stability and sponsorship if you do not have adequate insurance.

Despite their legal right to do so, visitors to the United States who are legally living and working in the country are not covered by their purchased health insurance. The United States does not permit visitors to join a health insurance plan funded by those living and working in the country. As a legal resident, you may be liable for medical expenditures incurred by guests staying at your property.

Additionally, the peace of mind with a comprehensive travel medical insurance policy is priceless. When your parents are protected from medical and travel emergencies, you and your parents may rest assured that, while their journey to America will not be without danger, it will not result in financial disaster.

Patriot America Plus, CoverAmerica – Gold, Atlas America, Liaison Travel Choice, and Patriot America are some of the best plans for visiting parents due to their wide PPO networks, stable, comprehensive coverage, and acute onset pre-existing condition coverage.

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